Something in the Woods

Filming is complete.  Next step will be the editing process.  Will keep everyone informed on the progress and how anyone can help.

We believe this is going to be a fantastic film.  Fantastic Trailer

American Pickers Comes to NE Texas

Items American Pickers are looking for:
Motor scooters:
Vespas, Lambretta, Cushman
-Old advertising signage
-Bicycles (Pre 60’s to turn of the
-Old toys: tin, wind-up, cast iron
-Pre 50’s vending machines
-Pinball and slot machines
-Old Movie Posters
-Unusual radios:
 transistor, tabletop, etc.
-Antique casino/gaming machines
-Vintage movie memorabilia
-Vintage advertising Items
-Vintage concert posters & T-shirts
-Early Boy Scout items
-Pre 60’s vintage diner collectibles
-Pre 60’s TV merchandise
-Pre 50’s western/equestrian Gear
-Classic motorcycle memorabilia
-Sports memorabilia
-Casino tables
-Houdini items
-Old rodeo items
-Airline collectibles:
 Pan-Am, TWA, Etc.
-Late 70’s & earlier military items
-Extraordinary mobster memorabilia
-Vintage police officer collectibles
-Firefighter collectibles
-Pre 40’s telephones
-Folk art
-Vintage BB guns/cap guns
-Early Halloween items
-Pre 40’s Christmas items
-Hawaiiana/Tiki Collectibles
-Vintage sports collectibles
-Vintage election memorabilia
-Musical instruments
-Civil War antiques
-Vintage gas pumps
-Pre 70’s old neon signs
-Strange woodcarvings
-Vintage collegiate collectibles
The American Pickers are coming to your town!
$$$ Here are some of the items we are looking to buy $$$
We currently are not looking for: Farming/agriculture items, tools, glassware, appliances,
tractors, crocks, stoves or country primitives.
If you have a large collection or want to refer someone to
Mike and Frank, email us your name, number, city, state and a
description of the collection. Include photos if possible.
Or call and leave a message at



Check out the photo gallery. Three new sections have been added. Winfield, TX, Moon Garden in the Woods. and Coyote Creek Ranch Coyote Creek Ranch, 12851 CR 370, Winona, TX 75792 Phone: 903-877-4487 Cell: 903-931-2102 Email: coyotecreekhorseranch@m

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