The Runners

A film by Micah Lyons

Filming in Hallsville, Texas

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Did you know that every year Texas has the second highest number of sex trafficking incidents in the whole USA? Also, Houston, Texas is the number one city in the USA where sex trafficking takes place! We aim to change these facts by raising awareness through this great film, along with several partnerships between our production companies and Texas non-profits that fight this issue, and also speaking at schools and conferences all over the state in an attempt to educate kids and families about the reality of sex trafficking and how to prevent it from becoming a part of your life story. Please support us by Liking and Sharing this page and making sure to see the movie when it hits the market! Together we can make a real difference in Texas and around the country!

Body & Soul, Breaking Free

A documentary by Longview photographer and writer Tammy Cromer-Campbell

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Body & Soul | Breaking Free is social documentary on human and sex trafficking. Former sex workers told us their story on how they broke free.

Photographer making an impact worldwide and in Longview

Posted: Apr 26, 2016 10:27 PM CDTUpdated: Apr 26, 2016 10:49 PM CDT

LONGVIEW (KYTX) - Longview's Parks and Recreation Department offers a variety of classes, but there's a photography course that stands out. The instructor has taken photos around the world, but she's sticking to her roots to share her knowledge.

Tammy Cromer-Campbell grew up in Longview and attended Kilgore College, where she also met her husband. After working for a couple different companies around East Texas, she decided to create her own company -- Tammy Cromer-Campbell Photo Gallery and Productions.

"I decided it was time to go home to Longview," Campbell said. "This is where I want to be."

Campell also has a Dalmation, Maggie May, joins her at work every day in her studio.

"I love my girl," Campbell said. "It's easy to work when she is around."

However, Campbell doesn't just work on photography at her studio -- she also teaches it. Campbell teamed up with the city of Longview to offer a beginner's photography class, which provide a hands-on, in-depth experience for those who attend.

Victoria Walton has been taking classes since March and said she loves getting to take the time for this class.

"I feel like I've taken better pictures since I've been doing it," Walton said. "I've learned a lot here, [Campbell] is a great teacher."

Walton volunteers to take pictures for Longview's Hiway 80 Rescue Mission, who also paid for her to take this class.

"Hiway 80 believed in me because I wanted to be a better photographer," Walton said. "I can see myself getting better."

Campbell said she has always wanted to be a photographer, even when she was a little girl in Longview. 

"I remember telling my mother what I wanted to do, and she said, 'Oh my, that's an expensive hobby,' and I said, 'I'm making a living out of it,'" Campbell said with a laugh.

She's certainly done that, not only taking photos and winning awards across the state and country, she has even gone to Hong Kong at one point for a client.

However, Campbell said one of the most impactful shoots she ever had to do was in Winona, Texas, where she had to take photos of sick children who had been contaminated a factory's emissions.

"It really changed my life," Campbell said. "One of the little boys broke my heart. He stole my heart."

Campbell decided to take a leap and jump into the film industry, working on documentaries. She is currently working on "Body & Soul."

"I've always been into different arts and visuals in any capacity," Campbell said.

This success and expansion hasn't stopped Campbell from finding clients and teaching classes right where she grew up.

"It's where I'm at, and it's where I'll be at," Campbell said. "I'm here in Longview. I like to help them learn. I hope that I'm reaching their lives."

Campbell is still in the process of making her documentary and will start shooting this summer. To learn more about Campbell's business, you can visit her website at



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